About Reward Network

Who Reward Network is for

Anyone who wants to 1) save money! Active users can easily earn over 2000 SEK cashback per year.

and also for those who want to 2) earn an extra income or 3) market their products or services

Anyone can use Reward Network to earn an extra income by getting their friends and contacts to join. Businesses can offer cashback to our members in order to get more customers.

Our Cashback Promise

We promise to offer our members a higher proportion of cashback than anyone else

Our goals

1) Reward your online worth.

Reward Network was founded with the purpose of using our online worth to earn income. Companies pay a lot of money for data relating to your online purchases. We think that you and I should receive this money instead of a company like Google or Facebook.

2) More money and power to people who do the work

Another goal is to create a company with a more equitable earning structure. Most companies pay most of their income to a few founders or rich outside investors. We are not against entrepreneurship but we think that people who do the work should get more of the income.

We started Reward Network with this goal in mind and we have created the company at our own expense. We can earn a good enough income the same way that any member can - by getting other people to join.

We will be very happy if we can influence society in any way to redistribute more power and wealth to individuals rather than gigantic corporations.