Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go to to get cashback?

Yes - make sure you click the links from Reward Network to the site where you want to make purchases. If you don't do this then Reward Network don't receive any cashback so we can't pay it to you.

What should I do to ensure there are no problems getting my cashback?

1) Ensure you don't have cookies disabled. 2) Disable your ad-blocker if you have one installed. 3) Don't click on links to the same stores from other websites. Many stores give commission to the webpage that you clicked on first even if that was up to 30 days ago. Or use a different browser to your usual one with Reward Network.

How do I get my Cashback?

Usually cashback is added to your account automatically. On a small amount of shops you need to send your order confirmation to You see this on the shop detail page before you click to go to the store. We approve cashback as soon as we receive payment from the supplier.

How long does it take to get my Cashback?

We will pay you when we get money back from the supplier, the time taken varies but a month is quite common. When you have 100 SEK or more we will pay out to your bank account.

Do I get Cashback on the price after sales tax or before?

Before. So if you buy for 1250kr in total, including 25% sales tax and you get 10% cashback you will get 10% of 1000kr=100kr.

How can I be sure I got credit for getting someone to join?

When someone joins they must say who told them to join Reward Network. If they fill in this field incorrectly we will ask them who it was. They need to answer before we will pay out their cashback. When we release our log-in function you will be able to see everyone you got to join there.

Is it possible to get Cashback from another company?

If there is a company you like that isn't listed on Reward Network tell us - we will try to get them to join.

Can i use cashback with discount codes?

Yes if the discount code is published on our offers page. Most stores do not allow cashback with a discount code that you received directly from them, but you can always try.