How to earn from Reward Network

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Earn every month

You can easily earn money with Reward Network. All you need to do is get your friends and other contacts to join. This is because network-building creates valuable opportunities.

Companies pay billions of SEK every year to advertise their products. With Reward Network you can get a share of these advertising revenues. You receive income when a person you've recruited to Reward Network buys products or services.

How it works

Suppose you tell your friend about Reward Network (we'll call her your networkee). She then buys products via Reward Network for 1000 SEK. She receives for example 8% cashback which means she gets 80 SEK cashback. You receive 2 SEK cashback on top of this. If your mother told you about Reward Network then she will even receive 2 SEK. You get cashback from your netwokees and even your networkees' networkees.

Several levels of income

There are 9 levels in Reward Network - that means you get income from your networkees' networkees' networkees' networkees' networkees' networkees' networkees networkees' networkees! We always record who your networkees are and monitor how much they spend.

Every level is more rewarding

Suppose you have 3 networkees and each of those has 3 networkees, and so on. On the 9th level you have 19 683 people that you get som cashback from! And it is very easy to get 3 of your contacts to join the Reward Network!

Does this sound too good to be true?

Look at the calculation below. Let's suppose every member spends 1500 SEK per month on average and that the total cashback % is 10 on average. We also assume that everyone gets 3 of their friends to join. You will then receive 88 569 SEK every month. (Ask the person who told you about Reward Network to explain if you have trouble understanding this calculation - it is quite complex. Or ask questions in our Facebook group.)


The time taken to get so many networkees shouldn't be underestimated. You can acquire many networkees personally, but to get them to go and get their own networkees takes time to explain to them and support them.

It will be more difficult to earn money as above when all of Sweden has joined Reward Network. :) But we have plans to use the network's size to create more sources of income when the network is large.